Planning a Sunroom Addition for your San Antonio, TX Home

Sunroom Addition San Antonio TXBefore beginning a sunroom addition, San Antonio, Texas, homeowners should lay out a detailed renovation plan with their contractor. While sunroom additions are typically much simpler to construct than full room additions, knowing what to expect (and when!) can make the experience much less stressful for everyone involved.

The initial design process often moves quickly. You can consult with a contractor to choose the styles and colors that will work best with your home, then you’ll be given a blueprint for final approval.

From there, your contractor will order your sunroom from the manufacturer. This can take a few weeks. Here at Tip Top Construction, we will order your custom sunroom addition products from TEMO sunrooms. While TEMO makes your custom sunroom, we’ll help you obtain the necessary permits to ensure compliance with San Antonio building regulations.

Once your sunroom arrives and the permits are approved, the installation process typically moves fairly quickly. In homes where there is already an approved foundation, most contractors can complete a sunroom addition in just two to four days. Installation phases typically include:

  • Arranging and securing the floor channels, mounting rails, and wall channels
  • Installing the wall and door panels, as well as any sliding glass doors
  • Adding the roof and gable ends
  • Completing any necessary breakthroughs
  • Adding wiring for lighting structures, fans, and cooling systems
  • Checking the final setup for safety and structural integrity

Here at Tip Top Construction, our sunroom addition team will help you create a timeline for the installation process, so that you know exactly when each phase will be complete. We have more than 15 years of experience and we will make sure that every detail is taken care of and completed on schedule.

To start planning a San Antonio, TX, sunroom addition with our experienced sunroom installers, call us today!

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