Screen Rooms Bring New Life to Homes in San Antonio, TX

Screen Rooms San Antonio TXScreen rooms provide a versatile space to enliven the backyard at your San Antonio, Texas home. If you find that you don’t spend nearly as much time outdoors as you would like, the reasons that prevent you from doing so might be addressed by a screen room addition.

Let’s face it: Texas is hot, especially in the summertime. While your children might still find it fun to play outside, you likely dread the intense heat that the sun generates. An easy solution is a thermal roof over your head to block those UV rays from hitting you and to create a cooler, shady area to stay under. But what about those annoying insects and dead leaves that invade your space and make you uncomfortable? Vinyl mesh screens block all of those nuisances out but still allow the breeze into the space. Screen rooms incorporate both of those important features, which makes them an excellent choice when deciding to add an outdoor living space to your home in San Antonio.

If screen rooms already sound appealing, they can get even better. At Tip Top Construction, we install outdoor patio products manufactured by TEMO, a leading name in the industry. TEMO screen rooms are available in three styles that are customizable to your home and personal preferences: studio, cathedral, and retractable screen. All styles come with the same basic features, which include:

  • An extruded aluminum structure that is designed for durability and strength against the elements, such as rain, wind, and other inclement weather
  • Large window openings for maximum visibility and ventilation
  • The option to upgrade to a full sunroom down the road
  • A warranty on the structure and parts for protection of your investment
  • And more

Screen rooms are a fantastic addition to the backyard that will allow you to spend more time outside than you did before. Whether you want to enjoy barbeques without bugs getting into the food or you’d like a covered seating area to watch your children as they play tag in the backyard, you’ll find there are unlimited benefits to having an outdoor living area at your home.

For more information on screen rooms in the San Antonio, TX area, contact us at Tip Top Construction today.

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