Screen Room vs. Sun Room: Which Is Right For Your San Antonio, TX, Home?

Screen Room San Antonio TXIf you’re considering an outdoor living space for your San Antonio, TX, home, you’ll need to choose between a screen room and a sun room. Each of these enclosures creates a slightly different atmosphere; while either one can be a great addition to your home, you’ll want to make your choice based on the type of space you’d like to create.

Screen rooms, which feature breathable mesh window panels, often feel more casual and connected with nature. A screen room is ideal for a homeowner who wants to enjoy the warmth of the sun without being exposed to harmful UV rays, or want to soak up the cool fall air on crisp autumn weekends without having to deal with falling leaves and other debris.

Sun rooms, on the other hand, feel a bit more extravagant, with the solid glass creating more of a barrier between the inside and the outside. This adds a bit more security, while allowing for easier temperature control. For San Antonio homeowners who prioritize an air conditioned space, the sun room may be the smarter choice.

Here at Tip Top Construction, we offer both screen rooms and sun rooms. No matter which type of patio enclosure you decide is right for you, you’ll enjoy the following benefits when you purchase it from us:

  • Long-lasting products made by TEMO, a leader in the outdoor living industry
  • Expert installation from one of our licensed home improvement professionals
  • Comprehensive warranties for both the materials and the installation

Should you opt for a screen room now and decide you’d like a sun room later, we can even transform your space down the road. Our screen rooms have the unique ability to be transformed into sun rooms with a few small upgrades. Feel free to contact us about the change at any time.

For more help deciding between a sun room and a screen room, contact Tip Top Construction of San Antonio, Texas, today.

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