How Reflective Insulation Works Wonders in San Antonio, TX Homes

Reflective Insulation San Antonio TXYou may have heard that installing reflective insulation in your attic at your San Antonio, Texas home can help reduce cooling and heating costs. But how does it work? In conjunction with your home’s already existing insulation, reflective insulation such as Bella Foil™ radiant barrier can actually block 97% of radiant heat transfer, which is the number one method of heat transfer into and out of homes.

Heat can be transferred in one of three ways: conduction, convection, and radiation. While it is important to address conduction and convection heat transfer with traditional insulation, radiation is responsible for the majority of heat gain and heat loss in homes. That’s where retrofitted insulation like a radiant barrier comes in handy.

Reflective insulation works by actually preventing radiant heat from entering or exiting your home in the first place, whereas traditional insulation only slows down the transfer process as it occurs. Additionally, it utilizes highly reflective materials and trapped air space between itself and your home’s existing insulation to effectively stop radiant heat from entering and exiting your home. Most often, this type of insulation is installed in your home’s attic.

At Tip Top Construction, we exclusively use Bella Foil™ radiant barrier as our reflective insulation product for homes in San Antonio, Texas. Some of the benefits of installing Bella Foil™ include:

  • Reduced heat transfer into and out of your home, thereby reducing your home energy costs and helping your home feel more comfortable
  • Acts as a barrier against moisture, air currents, and vapors
  • No annual maintenance or upkeep, and will never need to be replaced
  • It doesn’t emit harmful gas and contains no dangerous fibers or allergens

To learn more about reflective insulation for your home in San Antonio, TX, contact one of our specialists at Tip Top Construction today.

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