Why Is Radiant Barrier Foil an Important Consideration for Your San Antonio, TX Home?

Radiant Barrier Foil San Antonio TXRadiant barrier foil insulation, when installed properly, can make a significant difference for your home in terms of temperature control and overall comfort. San Antonio, Texas, is known for its scorching summer days, and in the winter it can get pretty chilly. Without adequate insulation, your home’s HVAC system has to work excessively hard to compensate for heat gain and heat loss into and out of the house in order to maintain a consistent temperature. This generally results in high utility bills during the winter and summer months. This spike in energy usage can be avoided, however, when you install radiant barrier insulation in your home.

Radiant barrier foil insulation works by preventing radiant heat transfer, the number one cause for heat gain and loss. In fact, some radiant barriers such as Bella Foil™, a product installed exclusively by Tip Top Construction in the San Antonio area, can block up to 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer. This helps maintain ideal internal temperatures inside your home with less work on the part of your air conditioning system, which can ultimately reduce your heating and cooling costs over time.

If you’re ready to invest in a radiant barrier for your home, consider hiring Tip Top Construction to complete the job. Our Bella Foil™ radiant barrier is an excellent choice for your home because it:

  • Is incredibly durable, enduring the test of time without annual maintenance and will never need replacing
  • Is impervious to moisture and will not develop hazardous mold, mildew, or bacteria growth
  • Can be combined with existing home insulation for maximum heat transfer prevention

To learn more about the benefits of radiant barrier foil insulation for your San Antonio, TX, home, contact Tip Top Construction today.

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