How Does Insulation Work For Your San Antonio, TX, Home?

Insulation San Antonio TXYou may have been told that insulation is an important investment for your San Antonio, Texas, home. But what does it do for your home, and how does it work? Home insulation is designed to help keep the internal temperature of your house regulated by preventing heat transfer. There are many different kinds of materials that are used to insulate homes, including foam, loose fill, blankets, and more. These materials work by slowing the rate of convective and conductive heat transfer.

There is another type of insulation that targets radiant heat transfer, the number one cause of energy loss in homes, known as reflective or radiant barrier insulation. Radiant barrier works by deflecting radiant heat away, versus just absorbing heat and slowing transfer. This type of insulation is beneficial for San Antonio, Texas, homeowners because it will reflect the radiant heat that comes from the hot sun that our Lone Star State is known for.

If you’re ready to completely protect your house from energy loss, call the home improvement experts at Tip Top Construction. We proudly install Bella Foil™ radiant barrier, a product we carry exclusively in the area. Bella Foil™ blocks up to 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer, and boasts many other benefits, including that it:

  • Will never need replacement
  • Won’t grow mold, mildew, or bacteria
  • Contains no harmful gases, fibers, or allergens
  • Requires no annual maintenance
  • Can help to lower your home’s utility bills
  • And more

For more information about insulation for your home in San Antonio, TX, contact Tip Top Construction today.

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