What Makes Attic Insulation with Radiant Barrier More Energy Efficient Than Others for San Antonio, TX, Homes?

Attic Insulation San AntonioIf you’ve been thinking about upgrading the attic insulation of your home in San Antonio, Texas, and have been doing research on the Internet, you’ve likely encountered references to radiant barrier. That’s because radiant barrier is especially effective in sunny, warm climates such as San Antonio’s. In order to better comprehend why radiant barrier is more energy efficient than ordinary insulation, however, it’s important to have an understanding of what it is and how it works.

Radiant barrier is made of a highly reflective material. Rather than absorbing the sun’s radiant heat like ordinary insulation would, radiant barrier blocks almost all of it. Regular attic insulation works by slowing down only conductive and convective heat flow – it does not protect homes against radiant heat. Because radiant heat transfer is the leading cause of home energy loss, only insulation with radiant barrier protection can help your home achieve its greatest energy-saving potential. When radiant heat is stopped from passing through your roof, your attic’s temperature will be drastically reduced. This, in turn, will keep your HVAC system from working as hard to control your home’s interior temperature, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Tip Top Construction is a local home improvement company with an exclusive attic insulation called Bella Foil™. Not only does this product reduce conduction and convection like ordinary insulation, but it also has radiant barrier protection that blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer.

To learn more about our Bella Foil™ attic insulation and how it will benefit your San Antonio, TX, home, please contact us today.

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