How Will Installing Attic Radiant Barrier Make My Home in San Antonio, TX, More Efficient?

Attic Radiant Barrier San Antonio TX

You’ve probably heard that installing an attic radiant barrier can help you fight heat transfer into your home in San Antonio, Texas, especially during the hot summer months.  But how does it work? The answer lies in a simple science lesson.

Heat is transferred in three ways: convection, conduction, and radiation. Conduction is direct heat flow through solid matter, traveling from the warmer surface to the cooler one. This phenomenon is how the heat from your stovetop heats your pans when you cook. Convection is heat transfer though gas or liquid. You can feel this type of heat transfer when you hold your hand above a boiling pot of water and your hand warms because of the steam rising from the pot. The heat transfer is the result of molecule movement, and travels in an upward motion, coining the phrase “he

As it turns out, you can prevent all three types of heat transfer in your San Antonio home. By having your house properly insulated, you can enjoy a constant temperature in your home without overworking your air conditioner and driving up cooling costs. An attic radiant barrier works by reflecting radiant waves away from your home, which keeps you cool while inside. At Tip Top Construction, we install Bella Foil™, which has been proven to reflect 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer from entering your home. That fighting power can save you money on your energy bills in the first year after the insulation is installed. Better still, an attic radiant barrier such as Bella Foil™ is retrofitted to work with your home’s existing insulation to provide optimal heat protection for your rises.” Radiation is the transmission of heat through electromagnetic rays. You feel this type of heat transfer when the rays from the sun warm your skin when you stand outside. This type of heat can move in any direction, and it is responsible for the most heat infiltration into your home.

To learn more about the benefits of adding an attic radiant barrier to your home in San Antonio, TX, contact the experts and Tip Top construction today.

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