Attic Radiant Barrier – An Absolute Must for San Antonio, TX, Homes

Attic Radiant Barrier San Antonio TXIf you own a home in San Antonio, Texas, consider installing attic radiant barrier as part of your home’s insulation system. It’s not a secret that the temperatures in Texas become unbearably hot during the summer months, but it can also get chilly in the winter months. Both extremes take a toll on your home’s air conditioning system; heat either creeps in to the house when you’re trying to keep it cool or manages to escape from it when you want to retain the valuable warmth, so your HVAC system must run more often to maintain a consistent internal temperature. That’s why you may notice that your utility bills tend to be higher in the summer and winter.

When you add attic radiant barrier on top of your home’s existing insulation, you can actually reduce the stress on your HVAC system while maintaining a consistent internal temperature in your home. How does it work? It’s simple – radiant barrier is designed to reduce radiant heat transfer, the number one cause of heat gain and loss in homes. By deflecting radiant heat away from your home in the summer and keeping it inside of your home in the winter, radiant barrier helps you to keep your San Antonio home’s internal temperature comfortable throughout the year with less work from the air conditioner. This can help reduce utility bills, keeping more money in your pocket.

If you turn to a trustworthy company to have attic radiant barrier installed in your home, you can enjoy energy savings and a comfortable home for years to come. At Tip Top Construction, we install Bella Foil™, a radiant barrier that can help block up to 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer. Bella Foil™ is so durable that it will never need replacing and requires no annual maintenance. And unlike other types of insulation, it is impervious to moisture and will not develop harmful mold, mildew, or bacteria.

If you’re interested in having attic radiant barrier installed in your San Antonio, TX, home, contact the professionals at Tipp Top Construction today.

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