An Outstanding Radiant Barrier Product for Your Attic in San Antonio, TX

Attic Radiant Barrier San AntonioIf you’re planning to add a radiant barrier to your attic insulation in San Antonio, Texas, consider the outstanding product we have to offer exclusively at Tip Top Construction. Bella Foil™ is a revolutionary product that, unlike ordinary attic insulation, will protect your home against all three forms of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. Standard insulation provides no defense at all against radiant heat, but the highly reflective material of our Bella Foil is able to block 97 percent of it. And, since radiant heat transfer is the leading cause of home energy loss, installing this radiant barrier can lead to significant reductions in your monthly energy costs. Because of its exceptional energy efficiency, it can even help you qualify for certain tax credits.

Having our Bella Foil radiant barrier installed in your attic will provide many other benefits as well:

  • It won’t wear out over time, so it will never need to be replaced
  • It can be installed on top of your current insulation
  • It’s resistant to humidity and moisture, and won’t allow mold and mildew to grow
  • It requires no maintenance
  • It doesn’t contain harmful fibers or asthma-causing allergens

San Antonio homeowners have turned to Tip Top Construction with their home improvement needs for years. That’s because we do more for our customers than just offer outstanding products – we also ensure they receive precision installation and unparalleled customer service.

To schedule a free energy assessment at your home in San Antonio, TX, and to learn more about the benefits of installing a radiant barrier in your attic, please contact Tip Top Construction today.

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