An Attic Barrier for San Antonio, San Marcos, Boerne, Schertz & Surrounding Areas

Here at Tip Top Construction, our attic barrier will help you spend less on energy bills and save more of your hard-earned money. Did you know that the attic is the number one culprit when it comes to home energy loss? Therefore, if your home’s attic isn’t properly insulated, your money might as well be flying out of your roof. Standard insulation does an adequate job of preventing heat loss through conduction and convection, but oftentimes can’t stop energy loss through emission, or radiant heat transfer.attic barrier

Luckily, we offer a revolutionary new attic barrier product – Bella Foil™ insulation – specially designed to resist heat loss through emission. In fact, Bella Foil™ attic barrier has been shown to block 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer through your attic and is guaranteed to save homeowners at least 25 percent on energy bills during the first year after installation.

Bella Foil™ insulation offers a number of other impressive benefits, such as:

  • Never has to be replaced
  • Requires no annual maintenance
  • Can help qualify homeowners for certain energy tax credits
  • Won’t emit harmful gas like other insulation products
  • Won’t cause any moisture damage like mildew

To learn more about our Bella Foil™ attic barrier, please call or e-mail us today. In addition to radiant barrier reflective insulation, we offer many other home improvement products, like patio enclosures, custom windows, sunroom addition options, and more. We’re happy to serve homeowners in many Texas communities, including San Antonio, Floresville, New Braunfels, and Kerrville.

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