Lucy D Myers, R.N.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

When we retained your services to update and modernize our home, we knew it would require a tremendous amount of patience, professional skill, dedication, listening skills, and hard work to create our dream home and, your team – our dream team – came through!

After installing new artane windows, new doors, now garage doors, new thormopane sliding glass doors, a new roof, and completely replacing old wood siding with new wood siding and then completing the look with new vinyl siding top to bottom, in record time, we could not believe the new professional look and transformation of our home!

We have had many compliments on our home from our neighbors and strangers who will interrupt us, while doing yard work, requesting information and recommendations on the team responsible for our fortunate transformation.

Thank goodness I kept your business card. I have written your number down and passed it out to many strangers as well as friends in our community highly recommending your work, your business practice, your professionalism, and your ability to accomplish miracles within the budget, the time frame and the compleation – date.

Should you ever require written or verbal evidence of two very satisfied customers, feel free to contact either me or my husband, Edward, at the above residence or by telephone 512-416-6965.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Sincerely yours,

Lucy D Myers, R.N.

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