Lucy and Charlie Jones

Dear Nick,

Charlie and I are absolutely thrilled with the speed and quality of the roof, windows, and doors we had you install for us.Seeing the insulated patio door next to an old window it’s blatantly obvious how superior the new door is to the old. We see puddles of condensation on our old window and not even a hint of moisture on the new door, and I cringe to think of all the money we wasted on heating and cooling, especially in Texas, with inferior insulation. I can hardly wait to finish installing new windows throughout the house.

The craftsmen who installed the new windows, door, and roof were congenial, considerate, and quick. With two toddlers underfoot. I never worried about their safety, and the crew cleaned so well before they left that I haven’t seen one stray nail in the yard.

I would recommend Tip Top Construction Inc. for any job, big or small. as they met and exceeded our expectations and finished the job quicker than contracted.

Thank you, Nick, for helping us increase the value of our home.


Lucy and Charlie Jones

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