LaFaun Thomson

Dear Nick,

The storm windows, doors, and siding were completed just in time. The temperature dropped from 79 degrees to 31 by midnight rising only to 35 degrees today. For the first time since I moved in almost 4 years ago, my house was warm throughout and I couldn’t even feel a draft near my window AC units! Everyone who has seen the improvements gives rave reviews, and I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of the materials and workmanship. I think my house is one of the prettiest ones in the neighborhood, and certainly the most energy efficient! We should have taken before and after pictures!

I have never trusted a contractor or salesman of any kind before, but I’m glad we finally sat down and talked. If you keep running Tip Top Construction with the honesty and integrity that you showed me you will continue to be successful. I will be glad to be a reference for you if necessary. Thanks again so much.


LaFaun Thomson

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