Rene and Janet Saenz

Dear Nick:

We are writing to compliment your excellent products and your excellent service, both before and after the sale. Both have been extremely important to us. One would expect to receive good service before any sale is made, but you continued to support and encourage us long after the sale. We truly thank you for your patience in dealing with us.

As we told you once before, the sun room you added and the windows you installed in our house greatly exceeded our expectations of quality. The windows started saving us money on our utility bills immediately. The first month alone our electric bill dropped by #30.00! As we live in a all electric home, this made a great favorable impact on our budget! As an added bonus, we found that the sun room acted as a insulator for our entire house during the winter. We could hardly keep the cat form going out and enjoying the sun room even during the middle of winter. Now that it’s springtime, we hardly ever see her anymore except during feeding time!

We certainly appreciate the pains that you and your crews went to to assure out satisfaction every step of the way. We are still in awe that you helped us refinance our house,get our mortgage reduced from 30 years to 15 years, plus get us a better interest rate, and still make it affordable for us.

On a more personal note, we prized being your customers during the birth of your daughter Isabelia. We know you will be an excellent father to her because you have proved yourself a compassionate man. We also want to thank you for your suggestions on finishing the floor in our sue room and how we could tap into our present chimney to make a fireplace for winter usage of the sun room. That’s something we will investigate in the future.

In closing, we can say that all of our experiences with Tip Top Construction was truly “tip top” and you, Nick, are a “tip top” kina of guy!


Rene and Janet Saenz

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